Why Large Companies Must Learn From Start-ups

I remember, at one of my presentations last year on the Fan-orientation Strategy – the business strategy framework I’ve developed, I asked the audience what the #1 company, non-oil, at the top of S&P 500 Global, but with only five different product categories was. And the audience was surprised when I told them what the company was. Not before a year has passed, the company has proved me wrong. Now the company is, AMONG ALL, at the top of the list. And it’s called Apple Inc.

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On Strategic Learning

Whether you’re a big, established company or a small fresh start-up, learning is an utterly important agent, not only for growth but also for survival. The only difference whether you’re a big company or a start-up makes is that, if you’re a start-up, it is especially so.

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Looking at the Cloud? Time to go to Korea!

Ever since IT (and now it’s ICT) and creative entrepreneurs have come along together, the very soul of the most eager-to-take-risks, yet future-promising business designers has been Silicon Valley. Have they developed the perfect ecosystem where entrepreneurs are exposed to fully-loaded opportunities to mingle with fellow entrepreneurs, develop their ideas to the next level, and find someone to grow their business together, entrepreneurs from all over the globe are marching into the Valley to take their own chances to be the next Amazon.com and LinkedIn.

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