Why Large Companies Must Learn From Start-ups

I remember, at one of my presentations last year on the Fan-orientation Strategy – the business strategy framework I’ve developed, I asked the audience what the #1 company, non-oil, at the top of S&P 500 Global, but with only five different product categories was. And the audience was surprised when I told them what the company was. Not before a year has passed, the company has proved me wrong. Now the company is, AMONG ALL, at the top of the list. And it’s called Apple Inc.

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Get People That Make Up Your Talent, Not Duplicate

There is an old debate about starting up a business: “Is having a business degree of any sort – MBA, or even a B.B.A – necessary to start up a successful business?”

My answer is this: “While it’s not that you MUST have one, having one is definitely a plus.”

Why is it definitely a plus? It is because business education enables you to see what many inexperience entrepreneurs miss out. And it’s called “Values.”

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