What’s YOUR Strategy?

If you asked people whether they thought Apple was in the same business as the other smartphone, laptops and other gadget manufacturers, their answers should be pretty unanimous and you’d be surprised by how many people actually told you that they thought Apple was different. If you asked why they thought Apple was different, then their answers would vary – anything from the design to their operating system and from the quality to the user experience.  Now, if you think Apple is in fact different, why?

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대표님, 당신의 비전은 얼마나 큽니까?

“저는 사업계획서를 쓰는 건 모릅니다. 다만 우리가 사업계획서를 어떻게 읽는지는 알려드릴 수 있지요. 우리는 뒤에서부터 시작합니다. 거기에 쓰여 있는 숫자가 크면, 그 때 그게 어떤 비즈니스인지 알아보려고 앞부분을 읽기 시작하죠 (I don’t know how to write a business plan, I can only tell you how we read them. And we start at the back. And if the numbers are big, we look at the front to see what kind of business it is).”

– Tom Perkins, Founder, Kleiner Perkins

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