Eunse is a career founder and a founder-turned investor globally investing in early-stage frontier tech companies.

Eunse is the founder and Managing Partner at 541 Ventures – a Los Angeles-based firm to globally empower frontier tech startups before Series A with at least one Asian co-founder.

Prior to 541 Ventures, Eunse headed Techstars Korea as the Managing Director and he took the role in pursuit of his life mission – “empowering extraordinary founders to do awesome things.”  Before his time at Techstars, Eunse was a Founder and Managing Partner at ELEVEN:ZULU CAPITAL based in Los Angeles, CA.  He also taught strategy and entrepreneurship at Yonsei University and Yonsei School of Business Global MBA in Seoul Korea. Before turning to an investor (the “dark side” ;)), Eunse was a strategy and management consultant and was recognized for the proprietary business strategy framework called the Fan-oriented Strategy.

Eunse believes that the asset that is truly (and perhaps only) significant in today’s world where “everything is commoditized” is our ability to create, and work with entrepreneurs who are to create industry-starting companies.

For more information about Eunse, please see his LinkedIn profile.