After Apple’s WWDC 2022 earlier this week, I’ve heard and seen people talking about how impressive their new M2 chip is, how it’s going to power the company’s future AR/VR/XR devices and how they’re differentiated from their competitions by remaining its focuses on user experience.



They’re all great and I’m equally impressed by all of them as the next guy (trust me – sustainable UHPC and Human-device interfaces? I’m all in!) . However, as biased as a strategist what really fascinated me was that they proved themselves again that they’re exceptionally great at what others very often overlook but is in fact uber-important in strategy formulation and implementation – REPEATABILITY!

Even with their new M2 chip that pulls an incredible performance, they’ve managed to keep their tradition intact and haven’t increased the prices of their new product! This tradition has been kept for the past decade and plus, and it’s truly exceptional they could do it again, especially given today’s global shortage in chip supply!

Everybody can hit the ball well every once in a while but what in fact draws the line between the great and the rest is whether they could repeat that success. Holy, Apple!